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Software Engineer Candidate


2021.3 - Present

Vancouver BC, Canada

JavaScript/TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Jest.​

  • Working with the Teams Calling, Meeting and Devices (CMD) team, collaborating with other team members to maintain the Teams codebase, enhance existing features, and participate in the new generation of the product.

  • Improved the existing Authentication process of Teams calling to support CAE/Pop tokens. Worked with partner teams for E2E Testing.

  • Used JavaScript/TypeScript to modularize and migrate the unit tests from Jasmine to Jest and mimic full functions and improve the rendering speed.

  • Added granular info of existing API entry points, connected the data to Telemetry, and then created Kusto dashboard to monitor the status of the API calls.

  • Maintained the CI/CD pipeline and ensured the code quality by checking Telemetry, creating experiments and evaluating the results.


2019.9 - 2020.8

Vancouver BC, Canada

JavaScript, React/Redux, GraphQL, Jest, Node/Express, Microservices.​

  • Upgraded an online car selling platform from WordPress to be React / Redux based; Integrated the frontend with Strapi as a backend content management system and GraphQL as an improvement for existing APIs, speed up page loading and boost development productivity.

  • Tested React UI components individually using Jest / Enzyme for better development lifecycle and future maintenance.

  • Customized Strapi API endpoints using JavaScript to implement a Scheduled Publish System, enabling the content manager to automate the publishing process efficiently.

  • Developed a Microservice using Node / Express to pull sports information from Press Association APIs, designed a schema to filter out unnecessary data, and then stored the data to MongoDB. Deployed the service to the AWS Lambda and scheduled it to weekly update information on AWS CloudWatch.

  • Created a WordPress Plugin using PHP to read data from MongoDB and present it to the frontend so that the old WordPress platform is fully functional while the new one is under construction.


2019.3 - 2019.6

Shibuya City Tokyo, Japan

Python, Hugo, HTML5/CSS3​

  • Reconstructed the company web codebase written in Hugo for SEO purposes. As a result, the website is now ranked as the first when the company is searched.

  • Designed and Implemented a new page for customers to subscribe to the company's newsletter via MailChimp. Automated the subscription process and improved information delivery efficiency.

  • Utilized Python to execute QA tests on the Locarise Analytic API.



Vancouver BC, Canada

JavaSript, HTML5/CSS3, WordPress, SQL​

  • Used JavaScript to Implement a calendar importing feature so that an admin can connect and publish his/her calendar to the frontend.

  • Customized the default WordPress theme using PHP for a better user experience.

  • Applied SQL queries to insert, select, update, and delete employee records in the database given new hire profiles.


2016.4 - 2016.8

Beijing, China

​HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL

  • Implemented the user login feature with JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Optimized the web layout using Bootstrap.

  • Set up a MySQL database to store users' data on the server-side. Integrated the database with PHP and SQL queries.

  • Trained non-technical employees to use the OA system. Reviewed and corrected the OA user manual.

  • Helped with the communication between the association and its cooperate technical company.

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